Supreme Council of Deliberation

 IG. Linton Davis~1978
 IG. Marion Mack, Sr.~1978
 IG. Oscar Mack


 IG. David Wright~1995
 IG. ​Clyde Shepard
 IG. Amos Hardy~1989
 IG. Quincy McCray~1989
 IG. James Gunter~2001
 IG. Robert Cook~1980
 IG. Robert Curry~1980
 IG. Lee Davis~1989
 IG. Pete Hipps~1995

 IG. Lorenzo McCray~2011
 IG. Rodney Hartwell~2011
 IG. Jeffrey Thomas


 IG. Carlos McDaniel~1995
 IG. ​Willie Brooks
 IG. Elliot Rawls~1980
 IG. Marvin Arter~1989
 IG. David Thompson, Sr.~1995
 IG. Reddick Bowman~2001
 IG. Eddie Quarles~2001
 IG. Joseph Roberts~2001
 IG. Hezekiah House~1995
 IG. Kevin Eigner~2017
 IG. Maurice Thomas~2017

2021 - 2022 Grand Cabinet

Inspector General Jerry Singletary

Most Puissant Sovereign

Grand Commander

Greetings Inspector Generals, Brothers, Sisters and Friends:

I sincerely hope that this greeting finds you all in good health & prosperity.  It is an honor & a privilege to be selected to serve as President of the Council of Deliberation of South Carolina for 2018.  I would like to thank our Past Presidents for all of the support that I have already received.  I am not going to change the direction that they have already established.  My desire is to enhance the foundation that they have laid and I will do my best to support the National Compact, Grand Lodge, Department Heads as well as the Brothers and Sisters of the Free and Accepted Ancient York Rite Masons.
I am a team player and looking forward to working with the 2018 officers.  We plan to be a beacon of light in our community and masonic circle—spreading brotherly love, helping others, and assisting whenever or wherever needed.

Fraternally yours
~ Inspector General Jerry Singletary, President

33rd Degree Masons ~ est. 1985

Past Presidents of South Carolina Thirty-third Club
 1985-1992 IG. Oscar Mack 1992-1998 IG. Joe Hart*
 1998-2014 IG. Marion Mack, Sr. 2014-2017 IG. Clyde Shepard
 2017-2022 IG. Jerry Singletary


Past Grand Commanders of South Carolina
 2022-     IG. Jerry Singletary       -                                                 


 Grand Commander IG Jerry Singletary~1995
 Lt. Commander IG Shawn Seibles~2021
 Orator IG David Wright~1995
 Secretary IG Gerald Jenkins ~2017
 Treasurer IG Clyde Bouknight



MPSGCIG Jerry Singletaryc/o 1995
Lt GCIG Sc/o 2021


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