The Most Worshipful
Past Grand Royal Matrons of South Carolina
 1979-1981 HL Helen Clark* 1981-1983 HL Dorothy Ponds*
 HL Remelle Pace* 1985-1987 HL Myrtis Gantt 
 1987-1993 HL Hattie Sutton 1993-1998 HL Bernice Stone-Wells
 1998-2001 HL Linda Dillard 2001-2005 HL Edna Sumter
 2005-2008 HL Sandra McKie 2008-2012 HL Beverly Kelly*
 2012-2016 HL Rosa Brown 2016-2020 HL JoAnn G. McCray
 2020- HL Deborah Primus-Brown


To all Honor Ladies and Sublime Princes, visitors & friends, 

Welcome to South Carolina!  Take your time to look through our website and feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts.  Again, I bid you welcome on behalf of the Christina Grand Court Order of Amaranth.  

God Bless,

~ Honor Lady Deborah Primus-Brown, Grand Royal Matron 

Inspector General Kevin Eigner

Grand Royal Patron

Grand Royal Matron HL Deborah Primus-Brown

Grand Assoc. Royal Matron HL Jacqulyn White

Grand Secretary HL Doreen Fields-Hall

​​Grand Treasurer HL Tameka Harris

Grand Conductress HL Andrea Green

Grand Associate Conductress HL Alondrea Abney

Grand Chaplain HL Patricia Johnson

Grand Herald HL Kindel B. Fakorede

Grand Truth HL Doris Piper

Grand Faith HL Clara Atkins

Grand Wisdom HL Jessie Matthews

​Grand Charity HL Annie Bovain

Christina Grand Court

Order of Amaranth ~ est. October 27, 1979

Grand Royal Patron IG Kevin Eigner

Grand Associate Royal Patron SP *

Grand Warder HL Nancy Young

Grand Sentinel HL London Taylor

Grand Marshall in the East HL Audrey Riley

Grand Marshall in the West HL Cyteria Gantt

Honor Lady

Deborah Primus-Brown

Grand Royal Matron

2021 - 2022 Grand Chapter Cabinet

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