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The Most Worshipful



Palmetto Grand Court

Heroines of Jericho ~ est. October 4, 1912

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Grand Most Worthy Joshua Comp. Mario Gleaton

Grand Associate Joshua Comp. Jeffrey Thomas

​Grand First Court Director Comp. Shawn Seibles, PGM

Grand Second Court Director Comp. Ronald Richmond

Grand Third Director Comp. 

Grand Most Ancient Matron Her. LaCretia Williams 

Grand Senior Matron Her. Regina Simmons     

Grand Secretary Her. Yvette Ashford

Grand Treasurer Her. Cheryl Burns

Grand Inner Gate Keeper Her. Patricia Jennings

​Grand Outer Gate Keeper Her. Angela Lott

Grand Marshall (East) Her. Avis Williams Grant

Grand Marshall (West) Her. Dorian Barnes

Grand Marshall Her. Makeiba Lewis

Grand First Ark Bearer Her. Utekee Johnson

Grand Second Ark Bearer Her. Ellen Heatley

Grand Third Ark Bearer Her. Tracy Shuler

Grand Fourth Ark Bearer Her. 

Grand Musician Her. Justine Butler

As we enter into this "New Normal" and usher in many unknowns for this new season, I would like each of us to remember to remain prayed up and utilize that great common sense the Maker has placed in each of us as we move forward with the “reopening” of local and session courts. My hope is that we can continue to enlarge our territory both mentally and physically in a safe welcoming environment. We will strive to do so by introducing new and exciting programs to retain and grain growth and knowledge through the year. We are excited to continue our efforts to connect with our Grand and local Royal Arch Chapter, which will hopefully lead to more combined efforts, events & activities. 
I thank you all for all you do in making this Palmetto Grand Court of Heroines of Jericho the best Grand
Court ever. 
"Thus says the Lord of host: If you will walk in my ways and if you will keep my commandment, then you shall also judge my house, and likewise have charge of my courts; I will give you places to walk among these who stand there" - Zechariah 3:7.

~ Heroine LaCretia Williams, Grand Most Ancient Matron

Companion Mario Gleaton

Grand Most Worthy Joshua

Past Grand Most Ancient Matrons of South Carolina
 1909-1929 Her. N.A. McQueen* 1929-1946 Her. Maggie Felder*
 Her. Mary Mitchell 1969-1980 Her. Callie B. Wright
 1980-1985 Her. Nellie Arter
 1985-1990 Her. Hattie O. Abney
 1990-1995 Her. Wilhelmina Amaker*
 1995-1999 Her. Bernice Stone-Wells
 1999-2003 Her. Betty Bodrick
 2003-2007 Her. Mary B. Taylor*
 2007-2009 Her. Ellie Mackie
 2009-2011 Her. Judy Sloan
 2011-2014 Her. Luvenia Williams
 2014-2017 Her. Anita Bamberg
 2017-2021 Her. Doris Piper 2021- Her. LaCretia Williams


2022 - 2023 Grand Court Officers

Heroine LaCretia Williams

Grand Most Ancient Matron