CONTACT              CHARITY             CALENDAR                                                                                                                                                 MEMBER PORTAL

The Most Worshipful



Palmetto Grand Commandery

Grand Sword Bearer SK 
Grand Standard Bearer SK Paul Pride                  
Grand Warder SK Marcus Chestnut
Grand Assistant Recorder SK George Richardson, Jr.
Grand Prelate to the Crusaders SK Wilson Smith
Grand Marshall SK Malcolm Heflin
Grand Outside Sentinel SK Emmanuel Highley

Greetings Sir Knights, visitors and friends.

Welcome to South Carolina!  Take your time to look through our website and feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts.  Again, I bid you welcome on behalf of Palmetto Grand Commandery of South Carolina.

~ Sir Knight Lincoln Kelley, Grand Eminent Commander

Past Grand Eminent Commanders of South Carolina
 1963-1970 SK.  1970-2000 SK. 
 2004-2001 SK. Pete Hipps 2001-1997 SK. Clyde Bouknight
 1994-1993 SK. Oscar Mack 2008-2009 SK. Jarrod Peay
 2009-2010 SK. Phil McQueen 2010-2014 SK. Norman Artis
 2014-2015 SK. Donald Franklin 2015-2019 SK. Keith Glover
 2019- SK. Lincoln Kelley 


2022 - 2023 Grand Commandery Cabinet

Knights Templar ~ est. October 5, 1963

Grand Eminent Commander SK Lincoln Kelley                 

Grand Generalissimo SK Leonard Hughes

Grand Captain General SK Nicholas Horton            

Grand Recorder SK Michael Edwards 

Grand Treasurer SK Theotis Brown              

Grand Prelate SK Wilson Smith

Grand Senior Warden SK Marcus Kirkland          

Grand Junior Warden SK Dan Perkins

Grand Inside Sentinel SK Curtis Todd                 

Sir Knight Lincoln Kelley

​Grand Eminent Commander