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The Most Worshipful



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Sister Sandra McKie

Grand Worthy Matron

Beauty Grand Chapter

Brother Mario Gleaton

Grand Worthy Patron

Order of the Eastern Star

Grand Worthy Patron Bro. Mario Gleaton

​Grand Associate Patron Bro. Clyde Bouknight, PGM

​Grand Ast. Asc. Patron Bro. Ronald Richmond


​​Grand Christian Flag Bearer Sis. Elaine Andrews
Grand U.S. Flag Bearer Sis. Cyteria Andrews
Grand OES Flag Bearer Sis. Sandra Freeman

Grand Chaplain Sis. Jessie R. Reeder

Grand Warder Sis. Tameka Harris

Grand Marshal in the East Sis. Tamara Frazier
Grand Marshal in the West Sis. Elizabeth Ross

Grand Marshal in the West Sis. Patricia West

Grand Sentinel Sis. Annette Jeffcoat

2022 - 2023 Grand Chapter Cabinet

Greetings Sisters, Brothers, visitors and friends.

Welcome to South Carolina!  Take your time to look through our website and feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts.  Again, I bid you welcome on behalf of Beauty Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star of South Carolina.

                                                                                                                 ~ S
ister Sandra McKie, Grand Worthy Matron

Past Grand Worthy Matrons of South Carolina
 1950-1962 Sis. Emma Frierson* 1962-1971 Sis. Nancy Gary*
 Sis. Bernice Norris 1983-1990 Sis. Florence B. Cox-Dial
 1990-1994 Sis. Myrtis B. Gantt
 1994-1998 Sis. Rosa A. Lee*
 1998-2002 Sis. Wilhemenia Amaker* 2002-2006 Sis. Justine R. Butler
 2006-2010 Sis. Evelyn Colter-Sims 2010-2014 Sis. Peggy J. Harrison
 2014-2018 Sis. Janie J. Brown 2018-2022 Sis. Hattie Sutton
 2022- Sis. Sandra McKie


Grand Worthy Matron Sis. Sandra McKie  

Grand Associate Matron Sis. Jacqueline Brown        

Grand Conductress Sis. Tara Rollins

Grand Associate Conductress Sis. Utekee Johnson

Grand Secretary Sis. Shirley Caldwell

Grand Treasurer Sis. Alva Lewis
Grand Chairman of Trustees Sis. Elouise Adams
Grand Trustee to Secretary Sis. Ethel Glover

Grand Trustee to Treasurer Sis. Daysell Chavis

Grand Adah Sis. Cheryl Bang-Gadsden

Grand Ruth Sis. Latosha Artis

Grand Esther Sis. Avis Williams-Grant

Grand Martha Sis. Maydene Charley

Grand Electa Sis. Veronica Richmond