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Grand Chaplain RW Donald Turner
Grand Marshall RW David Thomas 
Grand Recorder RW Albert Perry, Jr.
Grand Chairman of Trustees RW Stanley Gallman      
Grand Trustee RW Leval Brewer
Grand Trustee RW Herman Nesbitt                                 
Grand Trustee RW Michael Edwards
Grand Lecturer RW Marvin Summers           
Grand Historian RW 

Grand Master Hon. Kimyonn Hughey                               
Deputy Grand Master RW Gollie Walker
Grand Senior Warden RW Darren Gantt
Grand Junior Warden RW Edward Moore
Grand Secretary RW Dan Perkins                          
Grand Treasurer RW Gerald Jenkins
Grand Tyler RW Rashawn Ferrer
Grand Senior Deacon RW Marcus Kirkland           
Grand Junior Deacon RW Greg Harrison

Grand Senior Steward RW James Hobson                          Grand Junior Steward RW Emanual Highley                    

Greetings Brothers, Sisters, visitors and friends.

Welcome to South Carolina!  Take your time to look through our website and feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts.  Again, I bid you welcome on behalf of the Palmetto Grand Lodge of South Carolina.

Honorable Kimyonn Hughey

Grand Master of Masons, Jurisdiction of South Carolina

Past Grand Masters of South Carolina
 1865-1868 Hon. Richard H. Gleaves* 1872-1902 Hon. George E. Johnson*
 1902-1912 Hon. Augustus G. Kennedy* 1938-1947 Hon. T. H. Pinkney*
 1947-1961 Hon. George Johnson* 1961-1963 Hon. H. H. Frierson*
 1963-1964 Hon. L. B. Golden* 1964-1964 Hon. Ray Sims*
 1964-1966 Hon. E. L. Thompson* 1966-1979 Hon. Freddie Footman*
 1979-1987 Hon. Oscar Mack 1987-1991 Hon. Clyde Bouknight
 1991-1995 Hon. Pete Hipps 1995-1999 Hon. Clyde Shepard
 1999-2003 Hon. Louis Mackie 2003-2007 Hon. Frederick Smith
 2007-2011 Hon. David E. Thompson 2011-2018 Hon. Shawn Seibles
 2018-2021 Hon. Elandus Mays 2021- Hon. Kimyonn Hughey


Honorable Kimyonn Hughey

​Grand Master of Masons

Palmetto Grand Lodge

2022 - 2023 Grand Lodge Cabinet

Free and Accepted Ancient York Masons ~ Jurisdiction of South Carolina ~ United States of America ~ est.1869

The Most Worshipful