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The Most Worshipful



Deputy Potentate Noble Patrick Thompson
Grand Assistant Chief Rabban Noble Curtis Todd
Grand Treasurer Noble Stanley Gallman

Grand High Priest & Prophet Noble David Wright

Grand 2nd Ceremonial Master Noble Michael Edwards

Grand Outer Guard Noble Stephen Williams

Grand Degree Team Captain Noble Bobby Schofield

Grand Board of Directors (2) Noble Jerry Singletary

Grand Board of Directors (4) Noble Elandus Mays, PGM

Islam Grand Temple

2017 - 2018 Grand Divan

Noble Jeffrey Thomas

​Grand Potentate

Welcome to the webpage of Islam Grand Shrine Temple, Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Free and Accepted Ancient York Rite Masons, Prince Hall Origin, National Compact here in the Palmetto State of South Carolina.  We strive to support our local community in which we live by supporting local charities and being positive role models.  Our past leaders laid the foundation & we as Nobles will continue to burn the blazing sands throughout our compact.  Feel free to browse around, see what we are doing and communicate your thoughts.  

​~ Noble Jeffrey Thomas, Illustrious Grand Potentate

Past Grand Potentates of South Carolina
 1960-1961 Noble Lee S. Parker*
 1961-1973 Noble Richard Peterson*
 1973-1976 Noble J. Philip Rembert* 1976-1981 Noble Carlos McDaniel
 1981-1984 Noble Thomas White 1984-1987 Noble Joe Hart, Sr.*
 Noble Clyde Shepard 1990-1992 Noble Robert Curry
 1992-1993 Noble Willie Gamble*

 Noble Matthew Jamison*

 Noble Elandus Mays 1999-2001 Noble Joe Footman*
 Noble Maurice Thomas 2003-2006 Noble Henry Allen
 2006-2009 Noble Bernard Buskey 2009-2013 Noble Kenith Salley, Sr.
 Noble Larry Johnson 2017- Noble Jeffrey Thomas


Grand Potentate Noble Jeffrey Thomas
Grand Chief Rabban Noble Willie Goins             
Grand Recorder Noble Edward Moore   

Grand Oriental Guide Noble Herman Nesbitt   

Grand 1st Ceremonial Master Noble Kimyonn Hughey  

Grand Captain of the Guard Noble TBD

Grand Financial Secretary Noble TBD   

Grand Noble Advisor Noble David Thomas

Grand Board of Directors (1) Noble Clyde Bouknight, PGM

Grand Board of Directors (3) Noble Curtis Gadsden 

A.A.O.N.M.S. (Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine ~ est. July 28, 1960