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The Palmetto Grand Lodge & COVID-19

Our world is currently experiencing a health crisis the likes of which haven't been seen in over 100 years.  It is the global pandemic virus known as COVID-19.

All Masonic meetings and events which fall under the jurisdiction of this Grand body within the State of South Carolina will begin re-opening beginning this November 1, 2020 per the Grand Master, Hon. Elandus Mays. To ensure the safety of our members and guests we are requiring that all Grand Departments and Department head be responsible for providing adequate safety measures are followed to include: Meeting space which allots for social distancing, PPE for all & hand sanitizer. For further information detailing these measures please communicate with your local Department Head to receive a copy of the directive from the Grand Master.  Take heed and govern yourselves accordingly. 

Until our world's scientists & doctors have a better understanding of how we may all move forward safely we urge that you heed the directions of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and not act harshly based on rumors, social media or public opinion.  SOCIAL DISTANCING, CONSTANT HAND WASHING and the WEARING OF FACE MASKS may seem strange but these actions may save lives.  Now is not a time to risk the health & well being of yourself and of those around you.  It is instead an opportunity for you to act with calm, patience and rational thinking.

We hope to see everyone healthy and well very soon.  Take care of your members, your family and friends alike.  Stay strong.  Stay diligent.  Stay safe.  May God bless us all. 


You​r SC Web Team

Click here to view recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Stay Strong.

Stay Together.

Stay Safe.